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New Favorite! Beaded curtains and chandeliers!

As promised in our last blog, we will be adding new content such as our Favorites and Must-Haves.

We were working on a 1940’s inspired wedding when we came across these SIMPLY GORGEOUS beaded curtains and chandeliers.  With proper lighting, these could easily transform a plain ballroom into an extravaganza, making it one of our new Favorites!

Due to copyright issues with photographs, the best way to view our new favorite is to go to www.shopwildthings.com
Check out their Event Planning page to see their products in all their splendor!

A Few Notes Regarding Ceiling Decor
It is important to check with your catering hall or banquet facility before considering ceiling or wall decor.  Most facilities require experienced, insured decorators to hang such decor.  But don’t be discouraged!  Most towns have decorators that can accomplish these seemingly large feats.  In fact, it will save you money and stress by having a professional help you out.  No climbing ladders on wedding day!

In my region of Northeast, Pennsylvania, I turn to Maggie from detailsbyMaggie for such amazing works of art.  We work together to create the look, and then I place my trust in Maggie’s skills and staff for implementing the design.   You can see examples of Maggie’s use of beaded curtains and chandeliers at the recent Platinum Ball.

Have you seen beaded curtains or chandeliers at event?  We’d love to see pictures and get your thoughts on this branch of event decor.


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