At the Martha Stewart show!

At the Martha Stewart show!

About Me:

  Hi! I’m Jan Sokolowski, the owner and senior wedding and event planner of Attention 2 Perfection, located in Northeast Pennsylvania.  In addition to being a full-time planner and business woman, I love to cook, go dancing, and just recently- working out at the gym!  Those who know me best would tell you that I can appreciate a good glass of wine, but prefer a dark beer… that I’m a HUGE fan of Martha Stewart… that I think Seinfeld references can be used in every conversation…and that overall, I am a very passionate person.

About this blog: 

Striving (verb):  an effortful attempt to attain a goal
Perfection (noun): an ideal instance, a perfect embodiment of a concept

People ask me all the time why I named my business Attention 2 Perfection.  The answer is pretty self-explanatory: We give 100% attention to the perfection of your big day.  So why ‘Striving 4 Perfection?’  Simple: I wanted to write a blog to help all of the brides and folks planning a party get the best tips and tricks to planning their event. 

Why use the word Perfection?  Every bride planning their wedding, every mother planning a baby shower, and business owner planning their event have the same thing to say: They want their big day to be perfect.  Personally, I believe perfect is in the eye of the beholder.  Many times, I see how things could have or should have gone differently, yet the bride thanks me for helping make her day perfect.  Hence this blog- Striving 4 Perfection is born!

Anything I can do to help make one person’s big day one step closer to their dreams of perfection the happier I am!


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