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10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Planner

I genearlly write my own blogs, but when I found this list written by Cori Russell (as posted on,) I realized I could not have said it better myself!  I encourage all couples looking to hire a wedding planner to use this checklist.


It may be the “bride’s day,” but remember that you can’t get there alone. A wedding planner can be your advocate and your voice, especially when you’re not around. The key to a successful working relationship begins with finding the right person to join forces with as an invincible team. Once you’ve decided that you’d like to hand over some wedding tasks to a seasoned pro, you’ll need to schedule some phone or face-to-face consultations with a few in your area. These meetings should leave you with a clear idea of which planner best suits your needs and personality, so it’s best to come prepared with the right questions. Here’s what you need to know to find the perfect match.

1. The Know How – Does the wedding planner offer all the services you need? Come prepared with a list of things you’d like help with, and review your list together.

2. Money Talks – Does the planner’s service fees work within your budget, and is the planner able to commit to your total wedding budget while planning your event?

3. The Right Connections – Does the planner have a network of reliable professionals and can s/he refer you to those that match your style and budget?

4. Prime Negotiator – Will the planner be able to help you save on any aspects of your wedding – either by negotiating the best prices, scoring vendor discounts or obtaining added extras?

5. Etiquette Guru – Is the wedding planner knowledgeable on etiquette matters, and can s/he steer you in the right direction?

6. Trend Savvy – Is the planner in-the-know on the latest wedding trends and styles?

7. Straight Troubleshooter – Can the planner coordinate all logistics with vendors and the wedding party to ensure everything runs smoothly? With a professional on hand – you should be able to enjoy your day like a guest and leave the details to them. To give you an idea, this printable wedding planner can walk you through each wedding task that the professional should be able to handle.

8. Personality Plus – In the end, it’s all about a positive relationship and trust. Do you like this person? Try to get a sense for how well you think you’ll work together.

9. Always the Professional – Ask to see the planner’s business license, professional organization membership or any indication that s/he is a certified business professional and not just moonlighting as a wedding planner.

10. Seal of Approval – Ask to see reference letters. Be wary if s/he cannot provide any.


About The Author

Cori Russell is editor-in-chief of and Elegala Magazine. Elegala is a complete weddings and planning resource with a national directory of wedding venues and services, how-to guides, expert advice, checklists and photo galleries to lead brides through every step of the planning process.


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