The Importance of ‘Following Through’

This post is unlike my usual blogs.  I had a negative experience last night and felt the urge to try and find something positive from it. 

The Experience: I finally made the conscience decision to hire a personal trainer.  After taking time to interview the different options available through my gym, I decided on Tim.  He spent an hour with me on the phone, getting to know me- specifically learning that time is precious to me as I am a single mom, business owner, and college student.  After confirming our appointment the day before, he STOOD ME UP for my first session.  He never even left me a message admitting his guilt.  Someone from the gym had to hunt him down.  He evidently wrote it down wrong in his calendar and has offered a free session if I ‘feel like’ calling him.

The Lesson:  Tim reminded me that each client has different needs and expectations of service.  I spend the same time with all potential customers, getting to know them and vice versa.  I can ‘sell’ someone on my services, but the follow through is the important part. 

The Challenge: I encourage you to think about your ‘follow through’ today.  Whether it’s the services you promised a client, the project you committed to at work, cooking dinner for the family, or a personal commitment like going to the gym- make sure you follow through.  You never know who is counting on it, and what may happen to your relationship if you fail. 

PS:  Tim is not getting another phone call.


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