Etiquette Tip Tuesday

This Tuesday’s Etiquette Tip: Always invite a single person & Guest.

Too often, I feel like the guest list police.  A very common breech in etiquette is inviting a single person to a wedding alone.  

I hear all sorts of reasoning behind this, like “Grandma won’t want to be invited with a guest since Grandpa died,” or “The guys are single and looking for ladies at the wedding- they can’t if they have someone with them.”  The worst excuse for inviting singles is budget cuts.  Many couples try to save money by not adding ‘and guest’ to the invite.

A wedding can be a very emotional time for your guests.  They are remembering past loves, or wishing for the wedded bliss that you may be enjoying.  For some people, going through that alone is too much to handle.  Giving the people the option of bringing someone is the right thing to do.  If they then choose to come alone, it was their decision. 

After listening to my advice, here are how some of those real life excuses turned out:

The Grandma who lost her husband: She came to the wedding with her dear old lady friend who was very happy to get out and share your special day (she was also able to drive Grandma since she didn’t drive).

The bachelor looking for love: He found it 4 weeks before the wedding, and was able to invite his new girlfriend to share in your happiness and dance the night away.

The blooming budget:  It came out as a wash because all of the 3rd cousins (who you swore would come) didn’t show.

To sum it all up- it’s all about the invite! Making the gesture is what really matters.


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